Since 1983

Many Zimbabweans identify as Christian, but a large number of them still participate in traditional African religious practices including ancestral spirit worship and witchcraft. Even though Zimbabwe has been fairly extensively evangelized there are still many who need to hear the gospel message, and others who are hungry to learn more about Jesus Christ.

In 1983 The Tide ministry began working with a Church group in Zimbabwe to produce and air an Ndebele language radio program called ‘Amagugu Evangeli.’ Since then the ministry has also assisted in the production of Christian radio programs in the English and Shona languages. In 2016 we began building a new, larger and upgraded, recording studio so that this local radio ministry can continue to grow and impact more lives for Christ.

News from Zimbabwe

Report on the Leader to Leader Mission Trip to Zimbabwe

In August 2019 The Tide ministry conducted a Leader to Leader mission trip to Zimbabwe. The primary purpose of the trip was to host a seminar for church leaders from the rural areas of Zimbabwe. The Itinerary also included a dedication service for the new studio we...