Since 2021

Some of the local leaders, that a missionary familiar with The Tide ministry works with in Mozambique, have initiated a Bible training radio program in the Chichewa language. This indigenous led initiative was initially started to overcome obstacles like economic stress, hazardous travel conditions, and political unrest that hindered the ongoing training and development of pastors through regional seminars.  The pilot program began airing this year and is already receiving a positive response from listeners indicating that radio is an effective way to meet the great need for increased Bible knowledge and gospel proclamation in a country where there is such a great spiritual hunger that churches are growing faster than leadership can be developed. Consequently, many congregations are led by pastors who are illiterate and have very few resources to turn to. Some don’t even have a Bible! The need extends beyond the current broadcast range and plans are to expand the program onto two additional radio station in 2021. As this initiative gains momentum, the potential exists to extend into other regions and languages of Mozambique.

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Plans to Expand Mozambican Broadcasts in 2021

Through its broadcasts, we have reached listeners by ‘speaking their language’ – both literally and spiritually. Through its radio and online programming, the Gospel message reaches nine countries in 27 different languages. By using local languages, called “heart...

The Tide Distributes 125 New Bibles to People in Mozambique

In Mozambique, the Bible is a very highly valued possession. Many people wish to have their own Bible when they become believers, but the reality is that the majority of Christians in Mozambique do not own Bibles. However, a recent distribution by The Tide provided...