Since 2015

Kosovo is a relatively small land-locked country in the central Balkan Peninsula that has had a very turbulent history. For many years it was part of the territory controlled by the Ottoman Empire and consequently a very high percentage of the population are Muslims, and less than 1% of the people are evangelical Christians. More recently Kosovo was administered as a province of Serbia, and although Kosovo declared independence in 2008 and was granted sovereignty in 2012 there is still political tension. Over 90% of the 2 million people living in Kosovo are Albanian, and Albania is used as the official language. In 2015 The Tide ministry began partnering with indigenous pastors in Kosovo to produce and air evangelistic Albanian language radio programs. There has been a good response and already two new churches have been planted as listeners in different communities respond to these gospel broadcasts.

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Letters from Abroad: Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nigeria

Albania I’m 20 years old and though I grew up in church, I felt misunderstood and like I did not belong. During the isolation months because of the pandemic, I felt like everything I had built so far was shaking. I studied a lot in University and I needed the good...