Since 2015

Imagine living in an environment where steps had been taken to attempt to remove any sense of spirituality from a culture. A place where church buildings, temples, mosques or any other type of religious structure was either destroyed or renovated for other use. For almost thirty years Albania was such a place. Under the communist regime the authorities in Albania went so far as to remove the word ‘God’ from their dictionaries. This all changed during the 1990’s and today Albania is open to missionaries and allows total religious freedom, but people who embrace evangelical Christianity currently make up less than 1% of the entire population of Albania.

In January 2015, in partnership with Radio 7 Albania and some local pastors, The Tide global radio ministry began producing and airing Christians radio programs in the Albanian language. These programs, titled ‘Sipas Fjales’ (According to the Word), are being used as a church planting tool as pastors make disciples of listeners who respond to the Gospel.

News from Albania

Providing a Lifeline to Albanian Audiences During Pandemic Isolation

Our programming reaches not only those who already put their faith and trust in Jesus but also those who may be far from Christ or not yet introduced to His love and grace. This has been especially profound for audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic isolation. “The...

Letters from Abroad: Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nigeria

Albania I’m 20 years old and though I grew up in church, I felt misunderstood and like I did not belong. During the isolation months because of the pandemic, I felt like everything I had built so far was shaking. I studied a lot in University and I needed the good...