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The most widespread religion in Thailand, the country once known as Siam, is Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism, the oldest surviving branch of Buddhism is especially strong among the Isaan people of northeastern Thailand, where less than 2% of the population is Christian.  The Tide ministry is working with a ministry partner in Thailand to share God’s Word among the Isaan people. The recording and production of an initial set of programs in the Isaan language, which is spoken by 19 million people in Thailand, has been completed and is currently being broadcasted through a popular FM station in Thailand.  This same gospel media content is also being made available through social media and other digital delivery methods. As we continue to move forward with this project, pray that God will direct us to the most effective methods of making these programs publically available to Isaan listeners. This outreach is greatly assisting the work of our partner agency in Thailand that is working to make disciples and plant house churches among the Isaan people.

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