The Tide® Radio Ministry Receives Thousands of Responses from Locals in Albania and Kosovo

The Tide® ministry is praising God for a successful first quarter in Albania and Kosovo, as thousands of contacts have been made with locals hungry for the truth of the Gospel. We continue our mission in Albania and Kosovo, working to share the love of Christ with as many hearts as possible through Gospel radio programming. Each program is produced and recorded individually in the heart language of the local community by pastors and volunteers committed to shepherding the region.

The high volume of messages received demonstrate the high desire of the people in the local communities to know more about God. In Albania from January to March, there were 3,423 downloads of the program and 38,357 online listeners. The ministry received 51 emails, met with 83 people personally and held 3 group meetings. The outreach culminated with a two-day in-person event. 

In Kosovo, there were 3,796 downloads of the program and 72,953 listeners. Listeners engaged with the radio program with 122 calls, 170 texts, and 123 emails. From these points of contact, the local pastors were able to have 71 personal face to face meetings with people from the community.

The Tide® Director Don Shenk reflected on the ministry’s ability to reach these two countries, saying, “It is a testament to the Lord using the hard work of the local pastors who are willing to put in the time and effort to meet with so many locals in the communities in hopes of people hearing the gospel clearly and placing their faith in Christ. The Holy Spirit is moving in these communities. It is evident by the thousands of responses when they hear the gospel on-air.”