The Tide® Ministry Radio Programming is the ‘Window of Love’ Despite Religious Persecution

Despite religious persecution, we continue our life-altering ministry in Afghanistan, India, and other surrounding countries through our Dari language radio broadcast. We are working to spread the message of Christ’s hope and wisdom, reaching not only those who already put their faith and trust in Jesus, but also those who may be far from Christ or have not yet been introduced to His love and grace.

The Dari language program in Afghanistan translates into English as “Window of Love” and the radio program is exactly that to its listeners. It offers those who have not yet had an opportunity to hear the Gospel a chance to hear and receive Jesus’ love. The program has the potential to reach over 9 million people in Afghanistan and the surrounding countries and we are excited to be a part of God’s plan in reaching them.

Life for most people in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions is becoming increasingly difficult. People are desperate for hope and are looking for a light in the ever-increasing darkness. In an area where less than 1% of the population is Christian, religious persecution is extremely high. Reports from partners in India reveal that the local village people have imposed the following restrictions on the new believers:

  • They are being prevented from gathering for prayer and fellowship.
  • They are not allowed to draw water from the local village well.
  • They are banned from purchasing the necessary items from the local market.
  • The local village people will not allow The Tide ministry teachers to visit and counsel the new believers.

While we rejoice to hear of the new believers in this area, we are grieved to hear that they are being persecuted and forced to live in fear. Please join us in asking God to protect them and to open the door for fellow believers to be permitted to visit them and provide spiritual encouragement and support. Also pray that these new believers are able to stand strong in their faith and that their response will be a testimony that demonstrates the love of God to those who are persecuting them. Finally, ask God to not allow this persecution to discourage others from responding to the Gospel messages we are broadcasting in this region.