Urging Christians to Provide Spiritual and Physical Support After Earthquakes Bring Monumental Devastation in Afghanistan

Residents are still recovering from the devastating earthquake that ripped through Afghanistan on October 7, 2023. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake has been labeled the nation’s deadliest quake to date, with more than 2,000 people killed and millions displaced from their homes. On October 15th, another powerful quake struck, once again measuring 6.3 magnitude and impacting even more lives. Entire villages have been destroyed and reduced to debris, but there is inadequate funding to help and little global awareness. Global aid groups and rescue teams say that the country is now facing an escalating humanitarian crisis, made even more prevalent by the crashing economy and Taliban rule.

Although we have only been working in the region for a few years, we have witnessed firsthand how the Good News of Jesus can positively impact people dealing with catastrophes like this. While the majority of the people in Afghanistan may have never heard the Gospel before, they are more open to hearing it now as they desperately seek hope in the traumatic aftermath. It’s up to us to provide that encouragement through both physical aid as well as prayer. We are asking believers to pray for more opportunities
– to bring the Gospel to those in need.
– to open hearts and minds for those listening.
– for believers to be bold in their faith and safe from persecution.
– for lives to be changed by the Message.

Afghanistan is a very difficult place to do face to face ministry and, with approximately 12 million children between the ages of four and 14, has a relatively high child population. That is why we are working in cooperation with another ministry to get the Gospel to the next generation by producing weekly radio programs for broadcast into the country through the TWR Silk Road medium wave transmitter. The goal is to broadcast Gospel content in the Dari and Pashto languages so people can hear and understand the Message in their own language. Thanks to the pastor of a church that ministers to Christian Afghan refugees in another country we were able to coordinate the recording and production of the radio programs. Trained discipleship workers in Afghanistan connect with and discreetly disciple listeners who respond to the program.

In an area that has extreme persecution against Christians, it’s vital that we provide whatever support we can for our brothers and sisters in need. As the nation works to rebuild what was lost in the earthquakes, we can provide a different type of aid that has an eternal outcome.

We invite you to pray alongside us and give to the ministry as we minister to the people in Afghanistan and around the world. Your support means so much to so many and is greatly appreciated!