The Tide® Gospel Radio ‘Races’ to Share the Gospel in Afghanistan and Around the World

With great anticipation, we are excited Race week is finally here! Many have already signed up to take God’s Word to unreached locations through a new method — our first annual Race to Share the Gospel Around the World virtual challenge! Families, friends, and groups of all sizes are participating in making an eternal impact in the lives of millions around the world by running, walking, biking, hiking, or even swimming 13 miles from October 8 through October 23.

The Tide® Director Don Shenk commented, “We are so thrilled about our ‘Race to Share the Gospel!’ Participants will be able to ‘race’ around Kabul, Afghanistan, hitting markers we’ve ‘placed’ at certain key spots in the city and prompted to pray for the local people there. It is exciting to know the Gospel can be shared through The Tide® broadcasts over radio waves with the people in Afghanistan where 99.9% of them do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

All proceeds from the race will benefit our new Pashto language children’s radio program in Afghanistan. Many children in rural parts of the region do not have access to the Christian message. The main objective of producing the radio program is to reach poor areas around the Arab world where there is no Christian education. We are specifically reaching impoverished areas where there are currently no Sunday School opportunities available.

We believe it is a testament to God’s divine purpose and planning that just over a year ago The Tide® ministry started broadcasting the Gospel into Afghanistan, utilizing the power of radio to spread the Good News to people there and all across the world.

In Afghanistan, we utilize the Dari and Pashto languages, the local dialects of the area, to teach the people about Christ in their own vernacular. The timing of the ministry’s entrance into Afghanistan might seem like a fortuitous circumstance, but we know otherwise.

In an environment of increased danger, where meeting and worshipping together is risky — such as Afghanistan — radio may be the only source of nurture and encouragement for their faith. When everything seems so uncertain, believers in Christ can stand on the hope and promises of God that He has a plan and a purpose for everything — including our Race to Share the Gospel!

You can make a difference in several ways!

Sign up for the Race to Share the Gospel Around the World Virtual Challenge. You can choose to physically complete the 13 miles, or you can sign up as a Cheerleader and commit to praying for the people of Afghanistan for 13 days during the Race. Either way you choose to participate will unlock milestone badges as you record your progress. These badges will include prayer suggestions for people at specific locations along the Race path.

Make a donation to the Race. Several individuals, and a some teams, have signed up to raise funds for Afghanistan as they complete the challenge. You can choose to sponsor one of them, or you can give generally toward the project. All proceeds from the Race will go toward the new Pashto language children’s radio program in Afghanistan.

Pray for the Race and those who participate. Pray for our listeners in Afghanistan. Pray for The Tide ministry and our partners in many countries around the world as they proclaim the name of Jesus.

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