Even as the Taliban Tightens its Grip, Christianity Grows in Afghanistan Through Radio Broadcasts

According to recent reports from a government watchdog organization, the Taliban could be funneling American relief funds into its own coffers. “I cannot assure this committee or the American taxpayer we are not currently funding the Taliban,” said one expert. “Nor can I assure you that the Taliban are not diverting the money we are sending from the intended recipients, the Afghan people.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban continually works to tighten its grip on the people of Afghanistan, particularly Christians who are facing intense persecution in this predominately Muslim region. Due to the severe persecution, many Christians have joined the sea of refugees escaping the war-torn country. Less than a year ago, a representative of the Taliban even went so far as to claim, “There are no Christians in Afghanistan. Christian minority has never been known or registered here.”

Despite the oppression, we are encouraged to know that God continues to use The Tide radio show, “Window of Love,” in a powerful way as we continue to reach the lost in Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

“Even as the Taliban denies the very existence of Christians in Afghanistan, we are heartened to know that lives are being impacted by the Gospel message,” stated Don Shenk, director of The Tide® ministry. “In an area of such extreme persecution, radio may be the only way for people to learn about the saving love of Christ.

“We call on all Christians to ask God to protect these new believers and to open the door for fellow Christians to provide spiritual encouragement and support. We also pray that these new believers are able to stand strong in their faith and that their response will be a testimony that demonstrates the love of God to those who are persecuting them. We fervently hope that this persecution does not discourage others from responding to the Gospel messages we are broadcasting in this region.”

We thank you for your support of the work in Afghanistan and continued prayers for the ministry. Together we can share the love of Jesus in areas of the world who desperately need to hear about Him.