After Suicide Bomber Rocks Taliban Stronghold, The Tide® Ministry’s Virtual 5k Challenge Participants Continue to Pray for Those Affected

Participants of the virtual Race to Share the Gospel Around the World are halfway through the challenge and continuing to walk, run, bike, hike, or even swim the 13 miles to make an eternal impact on the lives of millions. The race virtually “takes place” across the city of Kabul, Afghanistan. Participants virtually pass various Milestone Markers along the race path through the city and are prompted to pray for unbelievers at each location. The challenge started on October 8th and will end on October 23rd.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the city of Kabul just before the race began. On October 4, a suicide bomber set off an explosion at a government ministry in Kabul, injuring dozens and killing at least four people. The site of this tragic event is one of our Milestone Marker locations on the race path.

We mourn that people who did not know Jesus have lost their lives in this senseless act, that many others will live their lives without these loved ones, and that others will have physical, mental, and emotional scars to work through in the aftermath.

With the news of this terrible tragedy, we sense a renewed urgency to share the Gospel and are grateful many prayers will be lifted up over the 16-day challenge for these specific people at this specific location. We praise God for His divine guidance months ago when, even though we had no idea of what would happen days before the Race kickoff, He did!

Although our Racers are safe from such attacks as they virtually flood the streets of Kabul, we are reminded of the dangers and hardships people in Afghanistan face every day. We are continually grateful that we have the opportunity to provide radio and television programming around the world in the heart languages the people were born to speak.

All proceeds from the race will benefit our Afghan children’s radio program broadcast across Afghanistan. Many children in rural parts of the region do not have access to the Christian message. The main objective of producing the radio program is to reach poor areas around the Arab world where there is no Christian education. We are specifically reaching impoverished areas where there are currently no Sunday School opportunities available.

We believe it is a testament to God’s divine purpose and planning that He opened the opportunity to reach into Afghanistan to share the Good News of Jesus just over a year ago.

For more information about the Race to Share the Gospel Around the World, or to sign up or make a donation toward the Pashto language children’s radio program in Afghanistan, visit our Race page.