Since 2004

At one time Nepal was the world’s only official Hindu kingdom. Hinduism is so strong in Nepal that during their monarchy years the king of Nepal was worshipped as the incarnation of a Hindu God. Today, Nepal identifies itself as a secular nation. Although the politics have changed, the people of Nepal remain deeply religious, especially the 86% who are followers of Hinduism. Despite this, many people of Nepal are failing to find hope and fulfillment in life, and are spiritually hungry.

Since October, 2004, The Tide ministry has been producing and airing a weekly Christian radio program in the Nepali language. This program is called ‘Prasasta Jivan’ which means ‘Abundant Life’ in English. This program has the potential to reach over 19 million Nepali speaking people with the message that Jesus came to give them abundant life.

In 2013, we added programming in the Tharu language to help make disciples and plant churches among the Tharu people of Nepal. Most of this tribal people group practices an ethnic religion influenced by Hindusim, and less than 0.5% of Tharu people are Christian.

News from Nepal

Christianity in Nepal is Thriving Inspite of Increased Persecution

To give context of our update, the following is a summary of a story originally published on Christianity Today: In April 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, after which eight Christians from Nepal were invited by a pastor to do trauma counseling for...

A Consistent Mission

What a joy it is to experience spring after a long harsh winter!  How wonderful it is also to know with confidence that as we pass through various seasons and changes of life God is consistent and sustains us in every season.  Even though we may not enjoy...

Announcing New Tharu Language Broadcast

In 2004 The Tide expanded its boundaries into Nepal with the start of “Prasasta Jiwan,” The Tide’s Nepali language broadcast.  In response to the success of the Nepali broadcast and the great need among the people in Nepal, The Tide has decided to launch a new...