True Biblical Focus, Not Religious Syncretism

A Christian woman in Mexico was tied to a tree and beaten so severely that she remains in critical condition in the local hospital. Her attackers, all identified as leaders in the local paganized Roman Catholic Church, face no criminal charges. Unlike Christianity, this version of “Catholicism” relies on giving gifts to pagan gods in exchange for health, good fortune and protection from evil. They often participate in animal sacrifices to the gods and worship saints, incorporating practices from pagan Aztec beliefs. The authorities in the area, swayed by the influence of prominent local figures, declared they will not allow the victim’s body to be buried in the village if she does not recover from her injuries. This is not a one-off incident of Christian persecution in Mexico, which has risen due to drug cartel violence, persecution by traditionalist Catholics and violent discrimination by anti-Christian left-wing groups.

“The paganization of Christian foundations led to such tragedy,” said Don Shenk, director of The Tide® ministry. “It’s easy for new believers to blend the Gospel with the traditions in their regions, resulting in a mixed-up religion that is not Christianity at all. This is why it’s so important for new believers to find a strong community of like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ and really dig into the Word.”

This blending of different religions, or religious syncretism, happens all across the world. Approximately one in four Americans regularly attend a religious service that differs from their own personal beliefs, and many blend Christianity with Eastern or New Age practices.

“The Tide® ministry utilizes local languages to share the unerring Word of God to millions of listeners who might not have heard the Gospel before,” Shenk commented. “In order to combat the confusion of local religious influence, mistranslations, or any other issues that might transpire, we work to focus purely on the message of Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to bring His light in areas surrounded by darkness.

“Regarding this situation in Mexico, we not only pray for the health and safety of this victim, but also for the salvation of her attackers. May this one woman’s boldness open their eyes to the errors of their ways and cause them to seek the Lord’s truth.”

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