Third Annual ‘Race to Share the Gospel’ Allows People in the Balkan Region to Hear God’s Word

Despite the Biblical mandate to “go and make disciples of all nations,” approximately 3 billion people worldwide have never even heard the name of Jesus. The need to share the Gospel is great, and we are just as dedicated to reaching the lost through powerful Gospel programs today as we were our very first day of broadcasting in 1946. Through various media outlets, including radio and television programs which are recorded in local languages in many countries and regions around the world, we have been able to reach listeners in their local languages for many decades and we are determined to continue this mission for many more to come.

For the third year in a row, our supporters have participated in the Race to Share the Gospel, an innovative virtual event that challenges participants to run, walk, bike, hike, or even swim 13 miles in 16 days to make an eternal impact on the lives of millions around the world. Each racer has the ability to track their progress as they watch their person-icon travel along a race path in the capital city of the country of focus. This is done when miles are recorded on their race page, which unlocks prayer suggestions at milestone markers along the race path allowing us to virtually flood the city streets with prayer, for real people, at real places along the route.

The event was created to bring awareness to the ministry and this year to help fund our Balkan Region expansion, allowing millions of unreached residents of ex-Yugoslavia to have access to the message of the Gospel. This year also included an inaugural in-person 5K Run/Walk and 1-Mile Fun Run/Walk for local participants in the Chambersburg, PA area, with the special privilege of having Pastor Klodi, one of our ‘boots on the ground’ pastors from Albania join us to lead the 1-Mile event.

This year’s goal was to raise funds to help The Tide® ministry make the Gospel readily available to 18 million people in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe. The race kicked off on Saturday, April 27, and ended on Sunday, May 12. A total of 62 people participated in the race, raising, to date, $6,921.00 towards this vital expansion project.

We are grateful to our supporters who make it possible to reach the millions of people who have yet to hear the Gospel and are longing for the peace that only Christ can give. With their help, we are determined to share His love in any way we can. We are proud of the outreach we have around the world and want to include our supporters in any way we can. Holding the virtual and in-person races gives fellow believers the opportunity to join in and raise awareness of what God is doing worldwide.

Since 2015, we have been reaching Albanian-speaking people in Albania and Kosovo, and in 2023, the ministry was expanded to include a Macedonian language broadcast in North Macedonia. This year, we plan to take the Gospel into the additional neighboring Balkan countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia. These regions consist of a multitude of related ethnic groups and religions, despite being independent countries. Unfortunately, brutal wars and ethnic cleansing have caused many people throughout the region to lack access to the Christian message. God has called our ‘boots on the ground’ partners to offer these areas the hope found in Christ by producing a series of TV programs specifically designed to share the Gospel with each ethnic group. The audio from these programs will also be edited and formatted for broadcast on radio stations in each country to enable more people to receive the message of hope in Christ.

There are still millions of people to reach, and we are purposed to make an impact worldwide. Our third annual Race to Share the Gospel is a tangible way for our supporters to learn more about what we are doing around the world, get involved in our mission, and actively pray for our continued outreach in these vital regions. It is exciting to know that, with their help, the Gospel can be shared through our broadcasts over radio waves and television programs in places where the majority of inhabitants do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. No matter the method, our goal is to continue sharing the Good News with those who are desperately seeking the hope that only comes from Christ.

We appreciate all who participated in this year’s in-person and virtual events, as well as those who gave to help our fundraising participants reach their goals. Donations can still be made through July 13th for this year’s Race to Share the Gospel Around the World, and we invite you to make your donation today to help support the Balkan Region expansion project.