The Tide® Ministry Produces Children’s TV Program that Reaches Thousands with the Gospel

Since 1978, The Tide® ministry has been using radio broadcasts to share the Gospel throughout India. With only 2% of the population professing to be Christian, we are more determined than ever to reach those who might not have heard the Gospel message. One avenue to reach the local communities in India is through the highly successful children’s television program that specifically strives to share the Gospel with younger people. In order to better relate to our target audience, the program is spoken in Hindi, which is the prevalent language in the area.

The Good News Hindi television show is being aired through Shubhsandesh TV within India and reaches a broader demographic segment than the current radio programs, which are broadcast through shortwave from outside India. The Good News children’s program has produced 13 new episodes this year, with each one having 25,000 views on their site. Some of the episodes have recently been uploaded to YouTube for an even larger viewing platform. It is not only reaching children, but adults who are also drawn to the Good News of Jesus that offers hope to anyone who seeks the light in the darkness. We are currently working on the second season of this children’s Gospel TV show, and we praise God for the great opportunity that He has given us to telecast the Good News in a satellite TV channel. Through this opportunity, many boys and girls are able to listen to the Gospel every week and grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. This unique method has become an effective way of communicating the Gospel with the children. The feedback that we receive from the field tells us the importance of satellite ministry and what a blessing it is for the children, especially those living in northern Indian villages.

Director, Don Shenk, commented, “It is amazing to know that besides children, there have been multiple adults who called and said they were touched by our Good News programs.”

Due to the success of this program, we are working to duplicate the TV show in the Bengali language to reach the millions of Bengali speaking children who need to be exposed to the Gospel, but don’t speak Hindi.

YOU can make a difference in the lives of the Hindi and Bengali speaking children by making your donation today. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to support these programs. Each dollar you give allows approximately 20 people to hear the Gospel.