The Tide® Ministry Makes an Impact for the Gospel in India

As The Tide® ministry is continues its mission in India, as well as across the world, we are working to share the love of Christ with as many hearts as possible through Gospel radio programming. Each program is produced and recorded individually in over 20 different languages in 38 countries on three continents in order to better connect with the listeners.

“The Tide® ministry is encouraged to hear from listeners who have not only come to know Christ but have also been sharing the Truth with others in their community,” said The Tide® Director Don Shenk. “We are so thankful that the Lord has given us the opportunity to witness these salvation stories and hear how those who have recently come to know Christ are helping us in our mission to share the Good News to all.”

Three listeners recently wrote to share how the Gospel radio program played an important part in their new relationships with Christ, as well as how they desire to grow in their faith by learning more about God’s Word.

A listener wrote, stating, “I am a new listener to your program and it is my first letter to you. In our village all the village people are non-Christians. I am also a non-Christian. But I like your radio program and listen to it almost every week. I want to know more about Jesus Christ. Please send me your literature so that I may learn more.”

One listener wrote in reporting, “One day when I listened to your program I came to know about Jesus Christ. The whole program was very appealing and interesting. Now I listen to it regularly and receive good moral teaching and blessings. I want to accept Jesus Christ and want to live in His Fellowship. Therefore, help me to know more about the Lord and send some literature please.”

Many stories from listeners express their deep need for biblical literature.  Another listener wrote in, explaining, “I like your radio program very much. Your program encourages me and teaches me many good things. Every Sunday evening I wait eagerly to listen to the program and receive spiritual nourishment for my soul. I do not have any Bible or New Testament. Therefore, I should be happy if you would send me a Bible or a New Testament.”         

Shenk reflected on the ministry’s tangible impact in people’s lives, saying, “It is edifying to hear from viewers who are so touched by the content of the programs that they feel the need to share what God has done for them to others. It is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide®ministry partner pastor or radio broadcast.”