The Tide® Ministry Celebrates Lives Saved Through Christian Radio Broadcasting

With 99.8% of the country’s population reported to be Muslim, Christians in Afghanistan are suffering severe persecution. Due to the heavy oppression, Afghan Christians cannot worship openly and are forced to worship in homes or other small venues. Christian evangelism is forbidden, and Christians and those interested in learning more about Christ are highly secretive about their faith or interest in Christianity.

However, people are still learning about the love of Christ in the midst of such severe persecution, and we are encouraged to hear stories and testimonials from listeners who have heard the radio broadcasts and found hope in Christ.

We believe if only one person heard the Gospel through our radio broadcasts and was saved, it would be worth it. Praise God, people are responding to the message, despite the persecution, and this is just the beginning. We will continue to be diligent in proclaiming the Gospel throughout the region until every last person has heard the Good News or Christ returns.

We continue receiving dozens of responses from listeners across the region, thanking us for sharing the Gospel and commenting on how their lives have been changed.

One listener wrote in, “Me and my friends are listening to [your radio broadcasts] every week and it’s been months. We wanted to say thank you to you — we live in a village in remote area, and we don’t have access to phone.”

Another commented, ‘“The Window of Love’ radio program showed me the real love I needed to know because I always felt I was not loved by my god but now I know that real God loves me.”

“Anytime I listen that Jesus had to suffer for me I start crying. I love Him,” said another listener.

For more information about what The Tide® ministry is doing in Afghanistan and the surrounding region and learn how you can make a difference in the lives of the people there, click here.