The Tide® Gospel Radio Celebrates Over 4,000 People Responding to the Gospel in Three Months

In just the past three months, 4185 people in India have responded to The Tide® programs, and we are celebrating this news along with our partners there. We are also excited to hear about the hundreds of listeners asking for corresponding literature about the Gospel to share with friends and family.

“This report from India is incredible news,” stated The Tide® Director Don Shenk. “Christians only make up two percent of India’s population, so for many listeners, our programs are the first time they are hearing about Christ. By speaking to them about Christ in their own native languages and offering them literature that further explains how much God loves them, we are helping them relate to a God who deeply cares for them on a personal level.”

The help and attention given towards new converts is incredibly important, as well. Christianity is an overwhelming minority in India and it’s easy for new believers to merge their new faith with the cultural beliefs around them. A recent report reveals that a substantial number of Indian Christians follow religious practices and beliefs not aligned with Christianity, such as reincarnation, karma, and the power of the Ganges River.

“This mixing of beliefs is typical for an area saturated with many different religions,” Shenk commented. “While we celebrate the thousands of people who have responded to the Gospel through our radio broadcasts, we are equally aware of how vital it is to continue our work in the region and show the people the inherent truth of the Gospel message.”

For more information about what The Tide® ministry is doing in India and the surrounding region, click here. We thank you for partnering with us through your gifts and through prayer. You are helping to make a difference in the lives of many around the world.