The Tide® Gospel Ministry Reaches the Lost and Changes Lives in Albania and Kosovo

Broadcasting the Gospel message in over 20 languages on three continents, using local languages referred to as “heart languages,” The Tide® ministry continues its life-altering ministry through radio broadcasts in Albania and Kosovo. We spread Christ’s hope and wisdom, reaching not only those who already put their faith and trust in Jesus, but also those who may be far from Christ or not yet introduced to His love and grace.

“The Tide® ministry has been honored to share the Gospel in Albania and Kosovo for the past seven years, first over radio airwaves in partnership with Radio 7, and now through media players and livestreaming,” said The Tide® ministry Director Don Shenk. “We are so thankful to the local pastors who partner with us to grow the Church and share our programs with the people in their communities.”

In Kosovo, where only a small percentage of the country professes to be Christian, even Muslims are faithful listeners. One listener wrote, “I listen to Radio 7 Kosovo often and I have learned a lot about family relationships and how to be a good father. In our culture, there is not much advice like the ones we listen to on Radio 7. I want to be a good and caring father for my children and a good husband for my wife. I listen twice a week to the program. Though I’m not a Christian, I have a lot of respect for the pastors who speak. I believe they are changing our community for good. I like that he takes the time to answer questions and he never seems to get tired. Thank you for your radio station.”

Another listener from Kosovo expressed the hope she receives from the weekly broadcast. “I listen to the pastor every week on the radio and if I miss the program I listen online. I really love to listen to the messages. I have learned a lot from them about how to face difficulties. The pastor is a man of courage. I come from a Muslim family but always have been very curious about the Truth and want to know what other religions believe. Listening to the broadcast always makes me think and fills me with hope.”

Shenk reflected on the ministry’s tangible impact in people’s lives, saying, “Even after seven decades of ministry, it can be so exciting to hear the response from listeners on how our radio broadcasts are impacting their lives. These stories remind everyone at The Tide that the work that we are doing produces tangible results — all for the Kingdom of God.”