Thankfulness from Listeners

During this Thanksgiving season, many Americans will take the time to give thanks for things in which they are grateful . . . items, events, even individuals; but this is only the beginning of the list of things for which we have to be thankful.

Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude for the privilege of the daily comforts here in America. We are incredibly blessed to live in a country with so much. Other places in the world are not afforded the luxuries that many of us so easily take for granted. Many people around the world struggle to find food, water, or shelter — things that we do not think twice about here in America. While many of the places we broadcast do not have access to some of the basic amenities we enjoy, we are grateful we can share Hope with our listeners by providing our radio broadcasts in their own native languages, allowing them to hear the Good News and know that Christ loves them enough to die for them.

Listeners all around the world have written to express their thankfulness for the ability to hear the Gospel in their own language:

“I’m thankful for the spiritual food. I want to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ. My life is hard, but I will trust in God to protect me all the days.”

“Thank you for the revival. Peace be with you. I crave for His word. I want to join your bible study.”

“Thank you for the Word of God. I was in dire straits, but now I am encouraged.”

“This radio station has become like a special friend to me. I listen because it fills my heart with joy and peace and I find a lot of wisdom for my daily life. I come from a traditional Muslim family but I have never been interested in religion. Thank you for sharing so much wisdom and peace to weary hearts.”

“While listening to the program, I felt like I had a revelation and in my heart I understood the meaning of ABBA, my Father. Since then, I felt a shift in my spiritual life and for the first time I understood joy beyond human logic. Thank you for these powerful programs.”

How about you? As a follower of Christ, are you thankful to live in a country with abundant access to God’s Word in your native tongue, and where you do not need to fear voicing your gratitude for what Jesus has done for you on the cross? As you gather around the Thanksgiving table with your family and friends this year, be sure to share how thankful you are for the ability to easily access God’s Word, for the things He has done in your life, and for the salvation He freely gives.

We are thankful for you, our wonderful supporters and prayer partners. YOU are the reason we are able to continue sharing the Good News around the world. May your support of The Tide® ministry and your faithfulness to God shine through your life, allowing others to see Him in you.

If you are interested in learning more about the amenities in America compared to the rest of the world, you are invited to read our latest OPED in The Christian Post.