Thankfulness for New Christian Volunteers in Thailand Who Work to Share the Gospel

Praise God, Christianity is growing in Thailand! With less than 2% professing Christianity, along with its dense Buddhist population, many of the Thai people have never heard the Gospel. But, thanks to the work of invaluable donors and volunteers, we are able to continue our important work there.

The Gospel is changing the hearts of many in Thailand, and we are thankful for the numerous volunteers and donors who put their efforts together to make this happen. This work would not be possible without the dedication of those who are on fire for God. Often, those who come to know the Lord through our broadcasts know how valuable these programs can be, so they give their own time and talents to help share the Good News with others.

A tuk-tuk driver who heard the Gospel through our radio broadcasts has now volunteered to post flyers on his vehicle to advertise the programs. Additionally, a high school senior, a university student, and a young father of five teamed up to learn how to edit and produce the broadcasts themselves in order to help share the Truth in their communities. Even more people are working to print the information about the broadcasts on shirts to spark conversations.

One of our ‘boots on the ground’ partners in Thailand commented, “There may not be large numbers of people coming to Christ at this point, but the ones who are coming to Christ have the potential to influence large numbers of people in the future.”

We love to see how new believers take their faith and really make it their own. The response of the listeners in Thailand is incredibly encouraging, and we pray that these volunteers continue to share the Good News with others in their communities!

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