Spreading the Love of Christ in Highly Persecuted Areas

Studies report that around 96% of people in Pakistan are Muslim, with only 1.6% of residents admitting they are Christian. These numbers make it clear that there is a significant amount of people that most likely have not had the chance to hear the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Savior.

This is why we began broadcasting in Pakistan in 2020, an area deeply connected to their religious influences by cultural tradition and pressure from their leaders. Our goal is to spread the love of Christ to people all around the world, no matter the avenue. When Reverend Charlie Byers started ‘The Gospel Tide Hour’ broadcast more than 75 years ago, radio broadcasts were the latest innovation, and we are determined to keep that spirit of originality. In addition to our popular radio programs, we are coming up with new and creative solutions that are designed to best engage as many people as possible with the Gospel.

Since the people in Pakistan are so unfamiliar with the message of Christianity, we have been forced to come up with new and unique ways to share the Good News. After review and evaluation, staff decided to make some adjustments to the program content to ensure that the Gospel message is being shared very clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. Further, it was decided to promote and upload the radio broadcasts through the ministry’s WhatsApp group for distribution to listeners who have access to the internet; encouraging listeners to respond through this popular messaging platform, as well as to our regular radio broadcasts.

In addition, we also began a Middle East Children’s Program designed to provide a creative and attention-catching forum to answer any questions and to break down barriers for children in the Arab and Muslim societies of the Middle East to come to know Jesus as Savior. Utilizing a series of videos involving puppets, the program answers key questions about Christianity in a way children can understand, as well as declares the salvation message and invites children to accept Jesus as their personal savior. The puppet shows are aired on all Arabic satellite channels, including the most-watched Christian satellite channel in the Middle East. To further the outreach, the program is posted online through various digital media channels. Through this method, we anticipate being able to reach a minimum of 5 million children throughout the Middle East who, unfortunately, may also experience persecution when turning to Christ.

It’s clear that Christians are under extreme persecution in Pakistan, the surrounding region, and beyond. It’s up to us to find ways to support and encourage Christians in the face of these blatant attacks, and to pray fervently for them so they may remain strong in their faith.

We invite you to help support The Tide ministry as we strive to share the Good News of Jesus throughout the world, especially in areas with little access to the Bible or Christian influence.