Sharing the Gospel Through Unique Children’s Ministry During Middle East Conflict

As Hamas militants continue their battle with Israel and wreak havoc throughout the region, many Christians are wondering how they can aid those suffering during the conflict. Hundreds have died in the crossfire while thousands have been displaced from their homes and forced to flee. The conflict stems from a long-term religious debate over ownership of the Holy Land in the Middle East.

In a time when it might seem utterly hopeless, we know the light of Christ shines all the brighter in the darkness. It’s important for us to continue our ministry in the Middle East in these troubling times. We pray for those suffering in Israel and the Gaza strip, and we urge believers to join us in prayer for deliverance.

We are grateful for the Middle East children’s program which aims at sharing the Gospel with young people who may have a plethora of questions about Jesus. This project provides a creative and attention-catching forum to answer these questions and to break down barriers for children in the Arab and Muslim societies of the Middle East to come to know Christ as their Savior. To achieve this goal, leaders utilize a series of videos using puppetry and apologetics to explain the Christian faith without attacking other faiths. These puppet shows enable children throughout the Middle East to hear of God’s love, learn the basics of the Christian faith, and receive the Gospel in a format that easily engages their attention.

“We are praying for peace to be completely fulfilled in the region,” said one of our ministry partner team members in the region. “The evil one has used governments and terrorists to start the war. Women, kids and the elderly are the victims of this war, and it’s a time to pray and intercede on behalf of those people. May God have mercy on us and put an end to this war. We pray for every child who lost their family and for those kidnapped and terrified for their fate. We pray against any further plans from the evil one to kill and steal the lives of innocent people. We pray for wisdom for decision makers to find a way to end this violence. Finally, we pray for the light of Jesus to shine over the whole region and for Christ to be known to every and each person who currently walks in darkness.”

Thank you for your generosity as you faithfully support The Tide ministry. We invite you to pray alongside us as we lift up this area of the world and beyond, seeking to share Jesus with as many as possible.