Religious Persecution Against Christians Creates Urgent Need to Share the Gospel in India

While there are millions of Christians in India, they make up just 2.4% of the country’s massive population. Unfortunately, the religious persecution is only intensifying for Christians in the region. Just in January 2023 alone, a 500-person mob assembled in a small village and summoned the town’s Christians. After about 15 people arrived, the Hindu extremist crowd attacked, leaving many injured and forced to seek medical attention. Weeks of coordinated attacks on tribal Christians in central India have left nearly 1,500 people homeless and traumatized. Driven out of their homes by radical Hindus determined to make India a “solely Hindu” nation, these believers were forced to endure persecution as attackers vandalized their homes, churches and properties because they refused to “re-convert” to Hinduism.

With such attacks against tribal Christians on the rise since radical Hindu groups launched their campaign in 2020 to stop the country’s indigenous people from converting to Christianity, it is even more imperative than ever to proclaim the Gospel in this region. We call on fellow believers all over the world to pray for these people, to pray for our ‘boots on the ground’ team in India, and to pray God uses The Tide broadcasts to reach the lost. Further, as these groups demand that the government ban those who convert to Christianity from receiving education and employment opportunities, that He convicts their hearts, and they turn to Him.

We invite you to partner with us. Would you join us today in prayer for Indian Christians facing persecution, or consider making a donation to help further the Gospel in this area of the world?