‘Racing’ to Share the Gospel Around the World — Kicks Off April 29!

Once again, we are taking God’s Word to locations with restricted access through our 2nd annual Race to Share the Gospel Around the World virtual challenge. Families, friends, and groups of any size can participate in making an eternal impact on the lives of millions around the world by running, walking, or biking 13 miles from April 29 to May 14.

We are so thrilled to introduce this year’s Race to Share the Gospel Around the World! Participants will be able to ‘race’ around Aden, Yemen, earning badges for each mile they complete. These milestone badges will include prayer points for real locations in the city where they will be prompted to pray for the local people there. It is exciting to know the Gospel can be shared through media in places where the majority of inhabitants do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.

This year’s goal is to raise $15,000, allowing millions of children and their parents to have access to the message of the Gospel in their own heart language – the language they were born to speak. All proceeds from the race will benefit The Tide® ministry’s expansion of new languages for our Middle East children’s television program, expanding it by providing the program in two new Arabic dialects. Many children in rural parts of the region do not have access to the Christian message, and our main objective in producing the program is to reach poor areas around the Arab world where there is no Christian education. We seek to specifically reach impoverished areas where there are currently no Sunday School opportunities available.

You can get involved in the Race to Share the Gospel by signing up for the race in 2 different ways – physically complete the challenge or register as a Cheerleader (also known as a Prayer Warrior). You may also make a donation toward an individual’s fundraiser, a group fundraiser, or as a general contribution. Any way you choose, you are helping us reach the $15,000 goal toward our endeavor, for which we are grateful.