Providing Biblical Support and Community in Pakistan as Christians Face Growing Persecution

Christians in Pakistan are facing extreme religious persecution. A recent report revealed that aggressive crowds have been burning homes and churches of Christians in response to an allegation that a Christian ripped the Quran. “The condition in Pakistan is very bad,” said a Pakistani Christian in the report. According to one account, more than 25 churches were desecrated, and hundreds of homes looted and burned. “So much hatred, jealousy, envy and enmity from the Muslims towards Christians. It seems that we Christians are like animals to them. Whenever they want to kill, they kill, and whenever they want to spare, they give free hand.”

Pakistan is number seven on Open Doors’ World Watch List. A post on their site shares, “In addition to social hostility, Christians also experience apathy from the authorities who should protect them. Despite the clear attacks on Christians in the region, the police force is more interested in appeasing local strongmen than implementing the law and protecting minorities.”

Unfortunately, this type of persecution is commonplace in regions all around the world. As this wave of violence continues through Pakistan and the surrounding regions, many Christians are finding comfort in the community of like-minded believers. Our radio broadcasts and other media outreaches provide a tangible community of Christians to provide support from around the world.

In 2020, after identifying four unreached people groups in Pakistan who did not have Gospel radio programming available in their own language, we began our outreach there. Since then, we have specifically worked to reach two of these groups through our Pashto and Saraiki language programs; sharing the Good News of Jesus over the airwaves and allowing them to learn about His love for them.

It is up to us, as believers, to provide continual support and prayer to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and all around the world. Nobody should be persecuted for their faith like this. We all must condemn these targeted attacks on this minority Christian community in Pakistan and beyond, praying for deliverance as they face something many cannot begin to fathom.