New Opportunities to Share the Gospel as World Population Swells to 8 Billion

As the world population surpasses 8 billion people, news outlets report on issues of overcrowding and overpopulation. However, we see this as an opportunity for the Body of Christ to be salt and light in a lost and increasingly dark world.

According to AP News, most of the world’s population growth comes from regions in Africa such as Nigeria. Researchers predict over the next three decades the population of this West African nation will soar from its current 216 million people to 375 million.

This area of the world holds a special place in the heart of The Tide ministry. We had the privilege of partnering with a group of pastors, until they recently became self-sustaining, allowing us to take part in sharing the Good News of Jesus in Nigeria for just under 20 years.

In 1946, when Reverend Charlie Byers set out to spread the Gospel via his radio show “The Gospel Tide Hour,” the population was around 2 billion people. He started locally, broadcasting from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania; but with a vision of sharing the Good News around the world. In 1978, we began producing global broadcasts recorded in the languages of listeners across Southern Africa. Fast forward 75 years later, we are grateful for the opportunities that God has extended to us to allow programming with our partners, enabling us to share the Gospel with millions in their own heart language on a daily basis.

We are encouraged by what the future holds for the ministry. In a world full of turmoil and darkness, we are proud to be able to shine the light of Christ for the billions of people who still have not heard about the Gospel, while giving encouragement to those who do know Him.

Thank you for your prayer and support of the ministry.