New Broadcasting Methods and Languages Open Doors to Millions of Untapped Listeners in Pakistan

Life can prove incredibly difficult for Pakistani Christians who make up only approximately 1% of the country’s population. With its rank of number seven on the Open Doors World Watch List because of the ongoing reports of persecution and abuse of believers, along with Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws which are often used to target minority groups, Christians there are disproportionately affected.

Since 2020, we have been working to share the Gospel and encourage believers suffering this persecution. Through our partnership with our ‘boots on the ground’ we are able to provide resources in the people’s heart languages to bridge the gap and make the Good News more accessible, and we are excited to announce a new language for the Sindhi people in Pakistan, as well as an innovative technique for reaching a new demographic of listeners.

We are still dedicated to continuing our radio broadcasts around the world; however, the digital age has opened a new avenue for sharing the Gospel. The trends in Pakistan have undergone significant changes, and a majority of individuals no longer utilize shortwave radio as a primary source of information. To accommodate this change, we are redirecting our efforts and producing 15-minute Gospel programs in the Pashto, Saraiki, Sindhi, and Punjabi languages that will be accessible through the Internet. These programs will both encourage and equip current believers while simultaneously sharing the Gospel with new listeners. This new method ensures that our content reaches a broader audience, capitalizing on the widespread accessibility of Internet-connected devices.

Our work in the region has already seen significant success, but this new method of reaching the people offers further opportunities for outreach and growth. Alongside regular communication and the distribution of Christian literature, team members on the ground will introduce mentorship programs where experienced individuals will guide and counsel those seeking spiritual growth, as well as organize interactive workshops and online discussion forums to provide a platform for deeper engagement and learning. In addition, we continue to encourage audience members to engage in Bible study courses through correspondence.