Indian Listener Recants Witchcraft and Follows Christ After Hearing The Tide® Ministry Broadcast

With over one billion people living in India, regional religions tend to be multi-faceted and changeable. While not the most popular religion, witchcraft is an ever-constant background in Indian culture, with thousands of people relying on spirits and other mediums to direct daily life.

People around the world respond to hearing the Gospel in their own language. For people entrenched in religions like witchcraft, hearing their own language can be the very thing that forces them to pay attention to our message of hope and accept Christ in their lives.

One listener wrote in:

“I was practicing witchcraft. People were coming to me for solutions to their various problems. I was taking advantage of them and making money. But one day, [a preacher] visited my village and spoke about Jesus — a man superior to any spirits and gods. He also shared the radio program in Kui. I was not happy at all inside cheating simple villagers. I started listening to your program and found peace in my life. I attended the ‘seekers meeting’ and understood all the topics taught there. I had never heard such teachings. I decided to follow Jesus, leaving my witchcraft practice and leading an honest life. Please keep me in your prayers and send some literature.”

This amazing testimony reveals the power of the Gospel. The idols this listener had been taught to follow were not satisfying — his soul knew there was more to life, and now he lives a life pleasing to God! This is exactly why we do what we do — to show people a God who loves them beyond anything they can imagine.