Listeners Share the Power of The Tide® Ministry Radio Broadcasts

Christians in India are suffering significant persecution, with 80% of the country’s population reported to be Hindu. Due to this heavy oppression, Indian Christians are often marginalized by society. A large reason for the persecution of Indian Christians is the concept of “Hindutva,” “an ideology that disregards Indian Christians and other religious minorities as true Indians because they have allegiances that lie outside India, and asserts the country should be purified of their presence.”

However, people in India are still learning about the love of Christ in the midst of such severe persecution and we are incredibly encouraged to hear stories and testimonials from listeners who have heard the radio broadcasts and found hope in Christ.

We believe areas that have such severe persecution have an even greater need for the Gospel. People are desperate for the hope of Christ, and we are so blessed to be able to reach the lost through The Tide® radio broadcasts.

We receive dozens of responses each month from listeners across the region who express gratitude for our broadcasts that share the Good News, and commenting on how their lives have been impacted by the Gospel.

One listener wrote, “One of my friends asked me to listen to your radio program, and I came to know the value of life and the importance of knowing God from your program. The messages were heart touching. One day, a pastor invited me to a church meeting. Out of curiosity I joined it, but I never knew that it would change the course of my life. I have received real joy and peace through faith in Jesus in my life.”

“One day, I saw a great change in my husband,” another listener wrote. “He had totally given up drinking and stopped beating me up. His talk and behavior totally changed. He told me that he trusted Jesus after hearing your program and his life changed. I wondered how this happened but for sure his life was not as before. After hearing him, I too started listening to your program and my life got transformed as I put my faith in Jesus. We dedicated our life to serve Christ at any cost as we listened to the word of God explained to us clearly.”

Another wrote, “Recently it just happened that while I was trying for some station, I stumbled into your radio program. I felt very happy after listening to the program. Since then, I have been listening to the program with great interest and believe in Jesus Christ.”

Praise God that people are responding to the message, despite the persecution. We commit to continued diligence in proclaiming the Gospel throughout the region until every last person has heard the Good News or Christ returns.

We invite YOU to commit to help us proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout India through support and prayer.