Government Overreach Inhibits the Sharing of the Gospel through Radio Broadcasts

Facing a widespread rise in the cold public atmosphere towards Christianity, many people around the world are actively being persecuted for their faith in Christ. This is why we use the power of radio and television broadcasts to share the truth of the Gospel through listeners’ native languages and are dedicated to reaching millions of listeners across the world. For many Christians living in an area of intense persecution, these broadcasts are some of the only messages of Christian support and encouragement they receive.

Unfortunately, we have run into roadblocks from many governments and international organizations. Despite the uplifting and encouraging messages in the broadcasts, those in authority in the places that are rife with persecution often make it difficult for us to do the ministry God has set before us.

While many places in the world are full of darkness, we are still dedicated to shining the light of Christ. The global pervasiveness of sin has hindered the spread of the Gospel, and for Christians trapped in a heavily persecuted area, the isolation and oppression can be devastating.

This is why it is vital that we are able to reach these areas with the Gospel message. Unfortunately, though, many governing entities make it nearly impossible to preach the Good News in their region. This discrimination and divisiveness is fueled by the enemy who is determined to stop the spread of Christianity any way he can. While challenging, these issues do not dissuade us from our mission — we have been preaching the Good News through radio broadcasts for over 75 years and intend to continue doing so for the next 75 years or until Christ returns.

You play an important role in the ministry, and we thank you for your prayer and financial support which allows us to continue doing the work God has set before us.