Fresh Approaches to Share the Gospel in Areas Restricted by Persecution

Many adults believe that young children are incapable of comprehending deep, meaningful messages like the Gospel of Christ. However, it is vital that the seeds of Christianity are planted in a young mind to help nurture them into a loving relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately, for children who live in regions where Christianity is restricted or outright prohibited, it can be incredibly difficult to share the Gospel message.

In the Middle East, many children have no way of hearing about God’s love for them. It is our desire to change this trend, so we have partnered with local organizations to produce an Arabic language children’s puppet show that shares the Gospel.

We believe that sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to fulfill your calling, and we are committed to do just that. With the threat of persecution restricting ‘traditional’ methods of evangelism in much of the Middle East, we knew we needed a fresh approach. Our Arabic language puppet show has been a huge hit and is now being dubbed into other common languages in the Middle East, such as Farsi and Turkish.

We also developed a televised Sunday School service for local children, which has also been such a success that we will soon begin the production of two additional Arabic languages. Our recent Race to Share the Gospel Around the World virtual challenge will benefit this endeavor. The children in this region are hungry for the Gospel, and we are honored to be able to share the Good News in their native languages through these programs.

In addition to our television programming, we also have a children’s radio program to reach children directly. Many children in rural parts of the region do not have access to the Christian message. The main objective of producing the radio program is to reach impoverished areas around the Arab world where there is no Christian education. 

The fact that these various methods of reaching out to the local children are in regional languages is key, as it gives more opportunities for people to hear the message of Christ. By providing age-appropriate messaging in their heart languages, or the languages they were born to speak, we make Jesus that much more accessible to these children. Our hope is that these children will be impacted by the Gospel and then share that message with their parents.

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