Expanding Mozambique Outreach into Prisons and Untouched Regions

The people of Mozambique have faced immense turmoil throughout history. Following independence in 1975, Mozambique was torn by internal conflict as the Marxist government fought anticommunist forces, resulting in the displacement of at least four million people and the death of at least a million more as a result of the ongoing violence, famine, and disease. As a result of this turbulence, the people of Mozambique have found themselves searching for something of stability and substance, yet often don’t look to religion. Despite the fact that the majority of citizens are reportedly Christian, the presence of traditional African practices directly influences any religion in the region.

Since 2021, we have been working in Mozambique and have seen amazing success with our Bible training radio program in the Chichewa language. Radio broadcasts are an effective way to meet the great need for increased Bible knowledge and Gospel proclamation in a country where there is such a great spiritual hunger that churches are growing faster than leadership can be developed.

Mozambique has had a very turbulent past since gaining independence and continues to experience conflicts and harsh conditions. Many are turning to Christ when they hear the Gospel, and we are grateful to have committed ‘boots on the ground’ there to broadcast biblical truth, introduce people to Jesus, and help them grow in their faith.

Many congregations in the region are led by pastors who are illiterate and have very few resources. Some don’t even have a Bible. These needs extend beyond the current broadcast range, so we plan to expand the program onto two additional radio stations. As this initiative gains momentum, the potential exists to extend into other regions and languages of Mozambique. The leaders on the ground have even been contacted by a regional penitentiary and asked to put together a weekly Bible lesson for the 200+ inmates.

Despite these inroads into the region, there is still potential opposition. Even though the required registration for the ministry to continue the vital work was tentatively permitted, the federal government is refusing to issue the official approval due to the ongoing conflict in select regions that stem from previous religious violence. However, ministry leaders in country are determined to show the officials that true Christianity is a religion of peace and reconciliation so that we can continue our important work in the surrounding regions.

We invite you to pray alongside the ministry and appreciate your financial gifts that help make it possible for programs in Mozambique and other locations around the world to take place, making a difference in the lives of millions as they hear about Christ’s love and sacrifice for them.