Empowering Believers to Share the Gospel Through ‘Have You Heard?’ Challenge

For those solely entrenched in a Christian community, the truth of the Gospel might seem commonplace. However, there are still millions of people around the world who have never been afforded the opportunity to hear about Christ. To spark the vital conversation about faith, we are challenging Christians to ask friends and neighbors a very simple question: “Have you heard?”

The Have You Heard? challenge invites Christians to ask at least ten people during the year if they have heard what Jesus did for them. If someone responds that they have not heard, then the believer can share about the love of Christ with them. If the person already knows Christ, then they can join the challenge and share the Gospel themselves! Participants will receive a complimentary t-shirt with the phrase “Have You Heard?” emblazoned on it and will be signed up to hear about more exciting news, with ways to share their faith throughout the year.

It’s easy to forget that there are people — maybe even in our own backyards — who have never heard the Good News. By accepting the ‘Have you Heard?’ challenge, you are setting a goal to share Jesus with people you interact with or come into contact with through your daily activities. We in America often think about evangelizing to other countries, but why do we sometimes forget our own communities? The Great Commission commands us to make disciples in all nations — while we at The Tide® ministry are reaching millions of listeners around the world, you can reach the people in your own neighborhoods.

By sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ worldwide through media and partnerships with local pastors, we are able to provide radio programs in heart languages — the language that someone was born to speak. This allows what is aired to be culturally relevant to the people who listen, not just a translation of English programming.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people around the world to hear the Gospel in their own languages so they can be transformed by the love of Christ. Here in America, we are afforded the freedom of speech and religion to express the Gospel at any time with any person. How amazing would it be if every Christian took it upon themselves to live out the Great Commission and share the Good News with the people around them? All it takes is one simple question: ‘Have you heard?’

If you would like to join the HYH? Challenge or would like more information, visit thetide.org/hyh or contact us at events@thetide.org.