Despite the Pandemic, Workers from The Tide® Ministry Continue to Reach Communities in India

People across the world have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to affect millions of lives. Most people are longing for a time of “normalcy,” when masks, vaccines and other pandemic-related issues are just a thing of the past. But for The Tide ministry, a global pandemic is not enough to stop our mission.

Our team members in India have been leading adult literacy programs to help the local people learn how to read and write. This program is in addition to the ministry’s main method of reaching people—global radio broadcasts that share the Gospel in listeners’ heart languages, or the languages they were born to speak.

“These adult literacy programs provide an essential need for the people in these regions,” The Tide® Director Don Shenk commented. “It gives the local people a valuable skill that they can utilize in their day-to-day lives, as well as provides them with the ability to teach it to others in their community.”

It can be difficult to continue programs like this during a global health crisis, but the ministry staff has persevered. Staff members were unable to meet in large groups to continue the adult literacy program, but teachers went to the individuals’ houses regularly to meet with them, provide COVID information as well as preach the Good News of the Gospel.

These additional efforts are already making an impression. One social worker has been able to reach out to ten villages over the past two months, with 24 people coming to Christ and five of these new believers getting baptized. The adult literacy program workers also provide COVID and hygiene education, as well as preparing people to start their own gardens in the months ahead. The staff even provide some livestock to villagers, such as chickens and goats. One goat has already given birth to two kids, which provides the villagers more self-support.

“It is so encouraging to hear that despite the current events of the world, peoples’ lives are still being touched by the teachers in our adult literacy programs,” Shenk stated. “We hope that it reminds the locals that they are important to us—and even more important to our heavenly Father. Hopefully this outreach will continue to grow and change lives, all for the betterment of the Kingdom.”