Despite Persecution, Scores of Indians Seek the Gospel at The Tide® Ministry ‘Seekers Meetings’

India has some of the highest level of Christian persecution in the world, with only two percent of the population admitting to believing in Christ. However, despite the cultural opposition, people in this region are thirsty for the Good News. Although it is difficult to discover God’s word if it isn’t told in a language people can understand, The Tide® ministry is helping overcome this obstacle as we stand in the gap by joining with ministry partners from the communities within the country.

Places that are possessed by darkness are sometimes filled with people desperate to learn of the light of Christ. Despite such intense persecution towards Christians, the people in India are showing positive interest in the message of our radio broadcasts.

We currently produce 12 different radio programs in 11 different languages in our studio in India, all being written by native language speakers. All of these broadcasts are designed to reach those in the region who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus. By offering so many language options, we hope to widen our reach of people tuning in to hear about Christ.

In addition to the radio broadcasts, we conduct Seekers Meetings through our ‘boots on the ground’ partners in India. Over the past three months, 11 meetings were held in various locations. Each meeting had around 50-70 people attending who expressed their interest in learning more about what they heard on the Good News Hour broadcasts and who Jesus is.

It is so encouraging for us to hear that despite the potential persecution, peoples’ lives are still being touched by the Gospel. We hope that the Seekers Meetings remind the locals that they are important to us — and even more important to our heavenly Father. We pray that the meetings will continue to grow and change lives, all for the betterment of the Kingdom.

Topics at the meetings flowed from creation, sin, the fall of man, confession and then repentance. Time was also given for personal testimonies of what God has done in the lives of the people who had accepted Christ. In addition, there was even a session dedicated to discussing gardening, COVID-19 and village cleaning. After three months of meetings, nearly one hundred people accepted Christ as their personal savior! 

We invite YOU to make a difference in the lives of the Indian people today through your support of prayer and through giving.