Despite Hardships, Leaders in Kosovo Reach 15-Year Goal for Church Building

Even as America and other countries around the world are recovering and moving on after the devastation of COVID-19, many regions are still struggling to cope with the aftermath of such a horrific pandemic. In Kosovo and the surrounding regions, many are still working to recover after their lives and livelihoods were impacted by the virus. Unfortunately, this means that Christians who are looking to spread the Gospel have had a hard time trying to get out and share the Good News.

“Despite any potential hardships that people in the region might be dealing with, the urgency to spread the Gospel is still there,” said Don Shenk, The Tide® ministry director. “We are continuing to share the Gospel on the radio in Kosovo and are so grateful to our partners on the ground who help make our outreach possible.”

One leader in Kosovo reported, “Since COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine, life has become tough here in Kosovo. Prices have tripled and incomes are very small. Most of the basic food items are incredibly expensive. Many people are still having a hard time recovering from the pandemic. Spiritually, it looks like the Church in Kosovo in general is asleep. We have a lot of indoor believers who only show their faith in the church building. We have seen people not only leaving the country, but also the faith. This of course breaks our hearts as leaders in the church but also discourages other believers as well.

He went on to say, “However, there is hope. God has been extremely generous to us, and we have seen His hand throughout this whole ordeal. We managed to raise all the funds necessary to build our local church building. This is an answer to a 15-year-old prayer for a building! We are excited to see what God will do next.”

“It’s amazing to see how the Lord is working through His people despite any hardships they might face,” noted Shenk.“We couldn’t do what we do without the heart and vision of pastors like this on the ground. Our heart is not only to share the Gospel over the radio but also to encourage and empower believers to go out into their communities and tell others what God has done for them. It is amazing when we hear from unbelievers that they have been uplifted or are now putting their faith in Christ after listening to a Tide partner pastor.”

It is because of your prayer and financial support that we are able to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus in Kosovo and around the world, for which we are grateful.