Announcing Summer Internships!

Are you a college student with a heart for ministry? Do you have an interest in gaining real world experience in ministry marketing and communications? If so, please consider joining us as an intern this summer! Interns will contribute to the development of our web-based and social media content, including ministry newsletters, and help with general office operations.

We hope that the internship experience will be of benefit to both the interns and our ministry. Interns will take part in an exciting Great Commission work and get exposure to the different radio and media broadcast ministries that we are partnering with. They will also get a glimpse into how our ministry partners on the ground are evangelizing and discipling listeners from countries around the world. Interns will also participate in the daily operations of a Christian media ministry.

These are valuable real-world insights that supplement academic learning. For those college students who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the plethora of majors and career options available to them – or even those who feel like they are drawn to Christian and/or non-profit work, or even specifically to global media broadcast ministries – an internship could be a key part of this discernment process.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our summer internships, please contact Don Shenk at