77 Years of Sharing the Gospel Around the Globe

As Reverend Charlie Byers set out to spread the Gospel via his radio show The Gospel Tide Hour in 1946, it was simply broadcast from a brand new local Christian radio station in Chambersburg, PA. From the beginning, Rev. Byers envisioned the ministry going beyond the borders of America to share the Good News around the world. This became a reality in 1978 when the ministry, now known as The Tide®, began producing global broadcasts which were recorded in the languages of listeners across Southern Africa. Fast forward 77 years later and the ministry has extended programming with partners around the world on three continents, in multiple countries, and in multiple language; allowing the Gospel to be broadcast daily to millions of people who need to hear the message of Salvation.

The longevity of this ministry is astounding, and we give all glory to God. It really shows there is a hunger for the Gospel all around the world, and we here at The Tide® ministry are humbled by the fact that Christ has used this ministry over the past 77 years to reach the lost. Our mission still remains relevant, and we are seeing an ongoing impact all around the globe.

The effectiveness of The Tide® global media ministry is undeniable, with thousands coming to Christ over seven decades by hearing the Gospel daily through various radio and TV programs, along with media player distribution around the world. One listener stated, “I listen to your radio program regularly. My life is changed through your radio program, and I have received a new hope in my life. I had been disturbed in my life but now my life is changed. I trust in the Lord and want to live for Him. Please pray for my spiritual growth and send me some literature.” Another wrote in, saying “Last week for the first time, I got an opportunity to listen to your radio program in my own language. It is an interesting program, and I will try to listen to it again. I want to know more about Jesus Christ.”  

We are continuously awed by what God has done throughout the years. God has utilized this Gospel-sharing ministry in so many ways. We believe that the Gospel has the power to change lives all around the world, and our passion is to help as many people as possible find new life in Christ by telling them the Good News about Jesus in their own heart language.

If you would like to take part in the ministry, you can do so through prayer and support. It is because of supporters like you that we have been able to minister to so many around the world over the past 77 years and we look forward to 77 more!