Sharing the Gospel and Changing the Lives of Christians in Nepal Despite Recent Religious Persecution

For years, Nepal was considered the world’s only Hindu monarchy. Even though Nepal is politically secular today, the nation is still primarily Hindu, with heavy levels of persecution for minority religions like Christianity. Through a combination of legally repressive laws, and social norms that sideline minority communities, Nepal has become a difficult place to share the Gospel.

Since 2004 we have shared the Gospel through radio broadcasts in Nepal through our program titled “Prasasta Jivan” or “Abundant Life,” which has directly impacted millions of listeners over the last two decades. For Christians, or those interested in Christianity, these broadcasts can be a much-needed lifeline in the face of persecution.

While we are used to relative religious freedom here in America, many of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world are not afforded such luxuries. In Nepal, many Christians are ostracized by their family and friends for their belief in Christ, which is why It is so important that we provide support and encouragement to those facing persecution.

The main language spoken in Nepal is Nepali, yet many Nepalese speak other local languages and dialects as well. To meet this growing need, we added programming in the Tharu language to help make disciples and plant churches among the Tharu people. Most of this tribal people group practices an ethnic religion influenced by Hinduism, and less than 0.5% of Tharu people are Christian.

What makes our broadcasts so unique is that we partner with indigenous ‘boots on the ground’ ministers to share the Gospel directly in people’s heart languages, or the languages they were born to speak. Without having to stop and translate the message, the Gospel becomes even more tangible for people who have never heard the truth before. Hearing the truth about Christ in your own native tongue makes the message that much sweeter.

After 20 years on the field in Nepal, listeners often write in and thank the staff for the help and encouragement they receive through the radio broadcasts. One listener wrote, “I am a regular listener to your Nepali radio program ‘Prasastha Jiwan.’ I have been blessed by your messages and teachings. These days I am involved with children’s ministry and the Lord is using me. Thank you for sharing the love of God through radio. It is my prayer that ‘Prasastha Jiwan’ program may become a channel of blessings to many who are still in the darkness of their sins.”

Another listener commented, “We are very grateful to you for your Christian radio broadcast. It is bringing spiritual awakening among the sleepy Christians as well as encouraging us to convey the message of love and peace to those who are living in darkness and hopeless conditions. Please pray for me and my family that we would live a life pleasing to God.”

These encouraging testimonies are made possible by your prayers and financial support for The Tide ministry. We invite you to join us as we seek to further God’s Kingdom in Nepal and around the world.