Nearly Two Decades of Ministry in Nepal Brings Abundant Fruit

For a period of time, Nepal was the world’s only official Hindu kingdom. Hinduism is so prolific in Nepal that for years the king of Nepal was worshipped as the incarnation of a Hindu god. Today, however, Nepal is identified as a secular nation. Although the politics have changed, the people of Nepal remain deeply religious, with 81% of Nepalese people reporting to be practicing Hindus.

Even though the majority of Nepalese people claim to be religious, many find themselves hungry for true spiritual fulfillment. This is why we have been working in Nepal for nearly two decades. Since October 2004, we have been producing and airing a weekly Christian radio program in the Nepali language. The program, titled “Prasasta Jivan” or “Abundant Life,” has the potential to reach over 19 million Nepali-speaking people with the message of the Gospel.

Despite a rich religious history, Nepalese people are often unfamiliar with the true giver of life. Many people in the region are desperate for the hope that only Christ can give but are unsure of where to look. That’s where we come in — our radio broadcasts are spoken in the heart language of the area, or the language those people were born to speak. By preparing our broadcasts in this manner, we are able to directly connect to the local people with the Gospel, making it easier for them to understand and connect with Christ.

A recent report from our ‘boots on the ground’ revealed that at a local conference, many attendees were actively listening to radio broadcasts and even recognized the staff for their work. Many attributed the radio program as a key catalyst for their salvation, noting that the support and encouragement received over the airwaves bolstered their faith in powerful ways.

One Nepalese listener wrote in, “My mother and I have become regular listeners to your ‘Prasastha Jiwan’ Nepali radio program. We believe in Jesus Christ and are glad to listen to this program in our own language. Pray for me as I am not able to see properly these days. Also pray for our family members that they may also accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.”

We appreciate your prayers and financial support to continue ministering in areas such as Nepal where there is limited access to the Gospel. May you be blessed as you support The Tide, giving access to the Gospel to millions of people around the world.