Kosovo ‘Boots on the Ground’ Use Creative Ways to Share the Gospel

It can be alarming and overwhelming to see the statistics of some of the countries The Tide ministry reaches into, but seeing God at work in them gives us hope and renewed encouragement to continue planting, watering, and sowing; allowing the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the people. According to joshuaproject.net, Kosovo would be considered unreached and non-evangelical. However, our ‘boots on the ground’ partners and volunteers are hard at work to change these statistics. Read the words of one of our local pastors as he gives a snapshot of how they are reaching the people of Klina by creatively sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in the heart language they were born to speak.

“This year Klina has demanded a lot of attention and work. God has really opened new doors for us in different levels of public authority and new families as well. Because of the preparation with the Free Clinics, we’ve had regular meetings with doctors, nurses, politicians such as the Mayor, vice Mayor and assembly deputies. We’ve also had the chance to meet with the catholic priest and the imam from Klina. The catholic priest has been very welcoming and ready to cooperate with us. I plan to visit him soon at his church.

I have also met twice with the KFOR representatives. KFOR is the NATO troops serving in Kosova as peacekeepers. They were surprised to find out about our presence in Klina and soon they will be visiting our place there.

Early this year we were able to support few families with firewood for winter. Very poor families, with many members but living in bad conditions. Because of all these new contacts, we have been able to share the gospel with all of them by spending time with them. I must say that Klina so far has taken 50 % of my time and am glad and thank God for it.

Once a week there is the church service, every Saturday at 12:00. There are some families that need to pick them up and send them back home after service. It is a joy for us to serve the people of God, but on the financial side is a burden, we almost cannot carry anymore.

Together with 5 volunteers from the church, we handed out 500 flowers to 500 ladies [for Women’s Day]. Amazing reactions from most of them. There were some who after they read the card and found out it was Christians giving the flowers, they gave them back and did not want them anymore.

There was an Easter Church Service, where we prepared food for all who came and then just as we sat around the table, we shared the heart message of Easter. Some families that usually come in the service, did not show up this time as it was the Ramadan, fasting month.

We are looking forward to the Free Clinics with the American doctors because this project not only that will put us on the map in Klina, but also new people will be coming to church, new contacts made, etc.”

As we continue ministry in areas of the world like Kosovo, we invite you to join us in prayer and support of what God is accomplishing through those who obediently share the message of Jesus. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily prayer posts from the field.