My Heart for The Tide: John Miller

Radio waves can go where humans sometimes can’t to reach people who may have no other opportunity to hear the Gospel message.  Sharing the hope of salvation through Christ with people who are sometimes overlooked and often unreached by the gospel remains my primary passion for the ministry of Gospel Tide.  Having increased to broadcasting the Gospel message in 25 languages in recent years, I am encouraged with our current focus on strengthening our ministry efforts in the eight regions in the world where we now have a presence and an influence.

When I learned that, for every dollar given, Gospel Tide reaches 20 more people with the Gospel, I am enthused with our collective goal to reach the threshold of $100,000 for each of the eight regions for long-term sustainability of this ministry with the humble beginnings in Chambersburg 71 years ago.  Can you imagine the reunion in heaven with those we will never meet on earth, but with the common thread that they heard the Gospel in their own heart language through the efforts and faithfulness of Gospel Tide?  Let us work together to reach as much more as we possibly can to increase that party!

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