Taste of The Tide

What is a Taste of The Tide Event?

A Taste of The Tide® event is a unique way of sharing what God is doing in our partnering countries around the world. These cultural fundraising events allow people to enjoy an authentic meal and music from Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East.

What Should I Expect?

When you attend a Taste of The Tide event, you will learn about what life is like in the focus country, and hear about what God is doing through The Tide® ministry there.

How Can I Host a Taste of The Tide Event?

Hosting is easy!

You will:

Provide a place for the event (including tables and chairs, tableware, and beverages)

Invite your friends, family, church, or other group to attend

Give us the headcount one week ahead of time so we can prepare the meal

We will:

Provide a meal for your guests to enjoy from one of the countries where we broadcast
(You may choose a specific area, or we can help you choose.)

Give a presentation and update about what is happening in the field of the focus area

Give your guests an opportunity to partner with the ministry by making a donation to be used in your event’s area of focus.

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