A Steadfast Mission

“We believe that the gospel is able to save the sinner, to heal the sick, and to sanctify the believer..”
Rev. Charlie Byers
The Gospel Tide

Recognizing the National Day of Prayer

We are looking forward to the National Day of Prayer on May 6 as an opportunity to lift up local and national ministries.  “When Rev. Charlie Byers started producing The Gospel Tide Hour in 1946, he had no way of knowing how far the ministry would stretch,” said...

Celebrating the Good News of Easter

For many, Easter only means the beginning of spring, a little sunshine, and chocolate bunnies. For followers of Christ, Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is an opportunity to celebrate the new life offered through Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Tide® is recognizing...

Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry and Broadcasts

In the 1800s British monarchs popularized celebrating the Diamond jubilee at the 60-year anniversary, but organizations and institutions often look to the 75th anniversary as the Diamond celebration. This year, we are celebrating longevity and looking ahead...

Introducing our Tidal Waves Giving Team

As we work with ministry partners around the globe to produce and broadcast Biblical messages of hope for people who have limited access to the Gospel, we are keenly aware that what is being accomplished through the Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association takes an...

Our Response to COVID-19

With confirmed cases of Covid-19 now recorded in almost every country of the world, we are all to some degree getting swept up in the global focus on this single issue. I can’t recall anything else in my lifetime that has created such widespread uncertainty and...