Encouraging Believers Share the Gospel in Their Own Backyards Through Powerful Challenge

How often do we speak with people in our communities about trivial, day-to-day things and never even consider bringing up the Gospel? We often think about evangelizing around the world but are quick to forget about our own communities. The Tide® Have You Heard? Challenge is an innovative way for Christians to feel motivated to start a conversation that could ultimately change someone’s life.

The Have You Heard? Challenge invites Christians to ask at least ten people during the year if they have heard what Jesus did for them. If someone responds that they have not heard, then the believer can share about the love of Christ with them. If the person already knows Christ, then they can join the challenge and share the Gospel themselves! Participants will receive a complimentary t-shirt with the phrase “Have You Heard?” emblazoned on it and will be signed up to hear about more exciting news and challenges from The Tide ministry.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people around the world to hear the Gospel in their own languages so they can be transformed by the love of Christ. Rather than broadcasting translations of English programs, we work with partners in Africa, Asia, and Europe and with local ministers to produce radio programs to share the Gospel with their local language and in the context of their culture. This allows what is aired to be culturally relevant to the people who listen, not just a translation of English programming. These local ministry partners are the boots on the ground to provide listener care and coordinate discipleship and leadership training activities.

Here in America, we have the continual opportunity to share the Gospel, but it’s easy to sit back in fear or embarrassment. The Have You Heard? Challenge offers a chance for believers to spark a meaningful conversation with just one simple question: ‘Have You Heard?’ Join us today!