An Amazing Coincidence

The Tide heart language radio broadcasts provide an open avenue for God to work in the lives of many people who may have no other way of ever hearing about God’s love for them.  The majority of our listeners have their own radios, but there is a growing number of people who are now able to listen in because they have been given a radio through one of The Tide radio distribution projects, like Radios for Nigeria or Radios for India.  There are still millions of people who cannot hear about Jesus because they do not own a radio, but God often brings circumstances together so that the right person is at the right place at the right time to hear him speak through a radio.  One example of this is the story a father in Nigeria shared about the amazing transformation in his son’s life after his son just happened to hear the gospel through one of The Tide radio broadcasts in his own language.

The father shared how his son had become an armed robber and how the son’s criminal life had brought shame on the whole family.  Eventually, his son was caught red-handed and arrested.  As he awaited his trial, the jail guards happened to be listening to a small portable radio they brought to work with them.  They just happened to have the radio tuned to one of The Tide heart language radio broadcasts. His son heard this broadcast which included a strong call to repentance, and after hearing the gospel message he repented of his sin and his past and asked Jesus to come into his life!

On the day of the trial, the son shared with the judge how God had spoken to him and changed his heart through The Tide radio broadcast he heard while in jail. At that point, the business owner who had been robbed asked the judge for permission to speak.  He shared in amazement how he himself had been touched while listening to that very same radio program.  The business owner also said that after hearing the former thief’s testimony he now wanted to drop all charges against him” Imagine the father’s joy when, after hearing both of these men share how God had worked in their hearts, the judge agreed to dismiss the charges and release his son. The transformation in the young man was instantaneous; he left his life of crime behind and took a job working for the man he had once robbed.

Praise God for how he is using The Tide’s heart language radio programs to bring people throughout the world to him! People who may never have heard the gospel now can through the 15 different heart language radio broadcasts currently produced and aired by The Tide.