People are not saved when we preach salvation, but are saved when they respond in faith to what they hear about Jesus Christ. The Tide focuses on making the Word of Christ available for all to hear.

There are many people in India who may not be hearing the Gospel message because they don’t have radios

Since its inception, The Tide has maintained a very strong focus on broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ. We regularly receive reports from our staff partners in India with testimonies from people who have come to know Christ through the message they hear in our programs. However, we have become increasingly aware that there are many people in India who may not be hearing the Gospel message because they don’t have radios.

One Radio Leads to a Whole Family’s Salvation

A young girl visiting her uncle had the opportunity to listen to his radio. While listening, she heard our Hindi program and was touched by the message.  After returning home she wrote to our office requesting more information about Christianity. She mentioned in her letter that although she enjoyed the program, she could not listen to it at home because her family did not have a radio. A generous gift from a friend of our ministry allowed us to provide this young girl with a radio. The young girl wrote again to express her gratitude for the gift and to let us know that since receiving the radio her whole family has been listening to our program and now they have all accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! This girl and her family may never have known salvation if they had not been provided with a radio.

A Hindu Guru Hears Learns About Jesus Christ

Another interesting case involves a Hindu guru (a spiritual adviser or teacher) who once traveled from his ashram (a place where Hindu students go to live a life of seclusion and simplicity) to visit another ashram. The guru carried a radio with him and when he arrived at the ashram he was to visit, he was listening to the BBC news. One of the young monks asked to borrow the radio so he could also listen to the news. As the monk was tuning the radio he heard someone teaching about a new life. What he heard caught the monk’s attention, so instead of trying to tune in the news he continued listening to this program, which happened to be our Hindi broadcast. This story comes directly from a letter we received from the young monk asking for more information about Jesus Christ.

These are the stories of people who almost missed hearing about Jesus Christ because none of them owned a radio. These events highlight the fact that we need to make provisions for our broadcasts to be heard. We do no want anyone to be denied access to the Gospel because of their economic situation. Therefore, we have started a project to provide radios for needy villagers in India, and we invite you to join us in this huge undertaking. For a gift of $40.00 you can place a radio in the hands of poverty stricken people in India who desperately need to hear of God’s love for them.

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