Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and more than half of the population has no idea how Jesus Christ can change their lives.

The Tide reaches millions of lost people through our radio programs produced in indigenous languages throughout South Asia, India and Africa. In 2009, we began broadcasting in Nigeria using the Efik language, which is spoken and understood by approximately two million Nigerian people. Nigeria is home to over 490 ethnic groups and 470 indigenous languages. Whole families and towns gather daily around a single radio to listen to the Word of God.

We have been providing Christian radio programming in four Nigerian heart languages, and now will be supplying radios to allow more people to tune in to these broadcasts

Extreme poverty is rampant in Nigeria, causing many families to not have supplies for basic needs, espcially something as basic as a radio. To address that need and provide opportunities for people of all economic platforms to hear about Jesus Christ, we supply radios to allow more people to tune in to these broadcasts which will help strengthen and build the Nigerian church and encourage Nigerian Christians not only to mature in their faith, but to boldly continue in their mission efforts to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

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