Works Can’t Make up for Love

I have counselled with many couples about their home problems. Frequently, they charge each other that “the first love has gone.” They live together, they work and eat together. They go away together, they may even attend curch together, but love has disappeard. Then work is drudgery and play is boring. Unhappiness is the result.

The angel said to the church at Ephesus “I have seen your hard work and your patient endurance,” but, “you have le your first love.”

Can you recall old days? When you loved to commune with God. When work

for the Lord was a delight. When you anticipated the quiet hour, to read or pray. Remember the pleasure in listening to the ministry of the word? In all probability the routine of Christian service is kept up, but the warm motivating love has gone away.

The angel threatened to remove the candlestick, unless there would be repentance and restoration. Let us ask the Lord for new love to be shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Lord, I repent. Restore to me love as at the beginning. Let me feel your sweet presence constantly. Amen.